Three Maidens

After 60 years, the original camera negatives (OCN) of “Tiga Dara”, held at Sinematek Indonesia, were heavily damaged. They were torn in places, and scenes were besmirched by fungus or lost altogether. Following “Lewat Djam Malam” (After the Curfew, 1954) in 2012, and “Darah dan Doa” (The Long March, 1950) in 2013, this was the third film of Ismail’s oeuvre to receive such treatment. SA Films, a Jakarta-based film financing company initiate the effort, the physical reparation of the cellulose acetate was done at the L’Immagine Ritrovata in Bologna, Italy, and all the digital restoration was done by PT. Render Digital Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was also the first attempt in Indonesia to restore classic film in 4K format digitally.